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Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education


Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education® (AFCPE®) is a non-profit organization focused on building, supporting and ensuring the integrity of the Personal Finance profession.


AFCPE offers rigorous certification programs to become an Accredited Financial Counselor® (AFC®) or Certified Housing Counselor® (CHC®). Individuals can become certified through our self-study program, or through an approved University program.

Our programs train professionals to guide clients through a holistic counseling framework of life cycle financial education. This allows the professional to provide a high-level, tailored approach based on the needs of each client to effectively analyze and create lasting financial behavior change. Our certificants are equipped to navigate clients through financial crises such as credit and debt issues, bankruptcy, and foreclosure. Additionally, they work with clients to develop and implement effective spending plans, eliminate debt, build savings and create meaningful solutions to maintain financial stability and reach the client’s financial goals.

AFCPE certificants work all over the world as researchers or educators in schools, University Extension programs, private practice, financial planning firms, law firms, credit and debt repayment agencies, banks and credit unions, military financial counselors, government agencies and many other organizations committed to improving the financial capability of individuals and families.

National Symposium
The AFCPE Annual Research and Training Symposium provides an exceptional opportunity to network and collaborate with other professionals in the financial counseling or financial education fields. Learn cutting edge resources, updates in the field, or discover innovative tools and resources to enhance your current practice or classroom.

Membership consists of University and Cooperative Extension educators, military financial counselors, private practitioners, interest organizations and government officials. AFCPE hosts a variety of benefits to its members including a quarterly newsletter, semi-annual research journal and a discounted price to our annual conference. In addition, AFCPE membership provides a strong network of colleagues in research, education, and practice.


AFCPE is dedicated to educating, training, and certifying financial counselors and educators. We seek comprehensive continuing education training programs for our certificants, guest blog postings or newsletter articles, as well as partnerships with other organizations interested in improving the financial capability of all people.


AFCPE 2013 Annual Research and Training Symposium

  •     cebrating 30 years
  •     featuring Jean Chatzky, keynote session and book signing
  •     November 20-22, 2013
  •     Greenville, SC   https://www.afcpe.org/conference/

Joining Forces Official Partner
AFCPE is committed to improving financial counseling opportunities through education and employment for veteran and military families

FPA Connect Financial Counseling Webinar Series
Open to AFCPE Members and FPA Members to support synergy in the field among professionals to better meet the needs of our clients

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