2012 Financial Education Boot Camp Program Agenda

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 and Friday, September 14th, 2012


Our program has been developed utilizing these Common Core Standards.

Common Core Standards:  Civics (2011) developed by the La. Dept. of Education

C.8.1    Explain the relationship between education, training and career options to future earning potential.
Examples:  Underemployment, high school diploma vs. college or other

C.8.2    Create a family budget and explain its importance in achieving personal financial goals and avoiding negative financial consequences.
Examples:  Personal financial goals; purchasing a car or house, saving for college, obtaining a student loan, opportunity cost

C.8.3    Compare and evaluate types of credit, savings, investment and insurance services available to the consumer from various institutions.
Examples:  Payday loans, debit cards vs. credit cards, banks and credit unions, stock market

C.8.4    Apply given financial data to real life situations such as reconciling a checking account, reading bank and credit card statements, purchasing major goods and avoiding consumer fraud.

C.8.5    Analyze the benefits and risks of using credit and examine the various uses of credit scores.
Examples:  Building credit and importance of a high credit score (effect of credit scores on employment, auto insurance rates, ability to rent an apartment, annual source of credit report at no charge.

Legislatively Required Personal Finance Topics:
  Money Management
  Spending and Credit
  Savings and Investing