Jump$tart Activities & Initiatives


Jump$tart National Educator Conference: Launched in 2009 with a grant from Experian, Jump$tart’s National Educator Conference provides classroom teachers (like those right) with resources and information to improve their own levels of financial literacy, as well as improve their ability to teach personal finance in school. The conference gives Jump$tart partners a platform to share their resources and expertise with the education community and demonstrate appreciation and support for teachers.

Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators: Our teacher training initiative is a collaborative endeavor designed to standardize teacher training in personal finance using a shared model called Jump$tart Financial Foundations for Educators® (J$FFE). J$FFE, which was designed to ensure consistency and rigor in national teacher training programs, is administered by the Jump$tart Coalition on behalf of its partners and affiliates.

Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month evolved from Financial Literacy Day, first introduced by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) more than a decade ago as an activity of its High School Financial Planning Program. NEFE turned Financial Literacy Day over to the national Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, which expanded the day into Youth Financial Literacy Month and later, simply, Financial Literacy Month -- recognized each April. During the month, the following events occur: 

Annual Awards Dinner: Jump$tart Coalition's annual celebration of achievements in financial literacy brings together leaders of the financial literacy effort from business and finance, education, academia, government and the nonprofit sector in a unique networking event.  In addition, the Annual Awards Dinner is an opportunity for the organization to distribute awards recognizing leadership and outstanding achievement in the financial literacy effort.

Financial Literacy Day on Capitol Hill: Hill Day,” as it has come to be known, is an annual event, held alternately on the House and Senate sides of Capitol Hill, with key members of Congress serving as honorary hosts. The event itself generally features six sponsoring organizations and 60 exhibitors. 

A Financially Literate Future

Our #afinlitfuture campaign is designed to build awareness about the importance of financial literacy. The Jump$tart Coalition and our partners are working together to create a financially literate future, and invite you to join us by:

  • Making a donation to support the cause.
  • Using your social media channels to share the importance of creating a financially literate future by using the hashtag #afinlitfuture.