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Actuarial Foundation

Founded in 1994 with education as its cornerstone, The Actuarial Foundation promotes financial literacy through a multitude of programs and resources for everyone from young students to retirees.

All of our hands-on educational resources are aimed at bridging the gap between textbook math and real-world concepts – making math relevant for students in fourth grade through high school. These resources are available at no cost or obligation to teachers. The Foundation also provides noncommercial, unbiased resources focused on helping general consumers efficiently manage their most important financial decisions. All of these free resources and educational materials are available in both print and online versions at: www.actuarialfoundation.org.

The vision of The Actuarial Foundation is an educated public in pursuit of a secure financial future and this vision is made possible through the generosity of the actuarial profession and our donors. The Foundation believes that actuaries have a unique opportunity to enhance communities by using their skills, knowledge and professional experience in the development of programs that contribute to the public good.

Eileen Streu, CAE
Executive Director
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