11/02/2012 Jump$tart Coalition Financial Fridays



Advantage Publications

WHAT WE DO:  Advantage Publications is a Boston-based educational publisher specializing in financial literacy and energy efficiency learning materials. We use two formats: hand held interactive slide calculators and user-friendly booklets to convey information to our audiences in ways that are simple, motivating and solution driven. Our mission is to support organizations and programs that show people how to help themselves and others.


WHAT WE OFFER: Our energy efficiency guides have been in production since as early as 1978.

“12 Easy Ways to Save Energy Dollars at Home,” our no cost/low cost home energy savings guide, largely features no tools/no cost tips that the whole family can read, understand, and be involved in together. We have been creating and publishing financial literacy slide calculators for over 17 years, and various models have been distributed by more than 500 organizations, including Cooperative Extension systems in all 50 states.

We are extremely proud to announce that our one millionth Paycheck Power® Booster® discretionary spending/saving slide calculator (also known as “Where to Find the Money You Need”) was distributed during the summer of 2012. For a full listing of our financial literacy slide calculators, please visit us online at: www.advantagepublications.com


“Where to Find Money to Save: Student Edition”  We debuted our “Where to Find Money to Save: Student Edition” slide calculator at the 2011 Jump$tart Fall Educator’s Conference in Washington DC last year. Differences from the standard “Where to Find the Money You Need” Paycheck Power® Booster® calculator include adding student friendly items to the “Typical Student Purchases” chart such as music and app downloads, manicures, and video games, and the removal of alcohol, cigarettes, and other “adult appropriate” items. We have received quite a bit of positive feedback – thank you.


WHAT WE NEED: Would you be interested in purchasing classroom sets of our “Where to Find Money to Save: Student Edition” if we were to offer them and, if so, how many calculators would your class(es) or Coalition need?  

If you’d like a reminder of what the look and functionality of the calculator is, we’ll be happy to mail you a complimentary sample. Please see our contact information, below.  Thank you in advance for your time!


CONTACT INFORMATION:  Phone: 800-323-6809 or 617-742-3222   Fax: 617-248-0034/www.AdvantagePublications.com
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Kirby Williams, Publications Coordinator  
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Victor Claman, Publishing Director
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