American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences

Based  in  the  Washington,  D.C.,  area,  AAFCS  is  the  only  professional  association  that  provides leadership and support to family and consumer sciences students and professionals from both multiple practice settings and content areas.  More than 6,000 AAFCS members assist individuals, families, and communities in making informed decisions about their well-being, relationships, and resources to achieve optimal quality of life.    

For  more  than  100  years,  AAFCS  members  have  been  working  to  improve  the  quality and  standards  of  individual  and  family  life  by  delivering  educational  programs,  influencing public  policy,  and  conducting  research.    They  provide  research-based  knowledge  about  the  topics  of  everyday  life,  including  human  development,  personal  and  family  finance,  housing and  interior  design,  food  science,  nutrition  and  wellness,  textiles  and  apparel,  and  consumer  issues.    The  knowledge,  research,  and  experience  of  members  help  people  achieve  a healthy and sustainable world.   AAFCS members are in all walks of life—they are early childhood, elementary, secondary, university/college, and Extension educators, administrators and managers, human service  professionals,  researchers,  community  volunteers,  business  people,  and  consultants  who address the issues most important to quality of life.  

The  family  and  consumer  sciences  (FCS)  profession  draws  from  a  broad  range  of  disciplines  to  achieve  optimal  and  sustainable  quality  of  life  for  individuals,  families,  and communities.  This interdisciplinary approach is essential because the challenges of everyday life are not one-dimensional.    The  ability  to  connect  professionals  across  multiple  practice  settings  and  content  areas  to  share  knowledge,  research,  and  experience  is  one  of  the  strengths  of  AAFCS,  and  helps  create  more  integrated  solutions  to  today’s  critical  social  and  economic challenges. AAFCS is the only national organization representing family and consumer sciences professionals across multiple practice areas and content specializations.

Specifically related to personal and family finance, AAFCS offers the following: (1) Certified Personal and Family Finance Educator (CPFFE) professional level assessment and credential documenting competencies necessary to teach Jump$tart K-12 standards to youth and young adults; (2) Personal and Family Finance Pre-Professional level assessment and certification documenting competency achievement of grade 12 Jump$tart standards for use in education settings, community-based youth education, or with paraprofessionals involved in financial literacy education; and (3) Virtual Professional Development on topics related to personal and family financial literacy.

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