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By Kids For Kids (BKFK) inspires kids to develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills with innovative educational materials and programs. These materials and programs are provided FREE to educators, households, and youth volunteers.

By recognizing, encouraging, and rewarding the ingenuity and creativity that young people possess, BKFK inspires the innovative spirit within every child. To learn more, visit www.bkfk.com.


Secret Millionaires Club: The Secret Millionaires Club (SMC) is an animated online series of short webisodes and half-hour prime-time TV specials featuring Warren Buffett and his fictional young friends facing and resolving real-life financial challenges. Get started with the SMC at www.SMCkids.com!

The Secret Millionaires Club “Learn & Earn” program teaches financial literacy and entrepreneurship through activities for kids in the classroom, at home, and in other settings where students and families learn. A robust array of complementary financial literacy materials, sponsored by the Fairholme Foundation, have been developed for free distribution to schools, youth organizations, afterschool clubs, and families. Classroom-specific activities are aligned to Common Core State Standards and national financial literacy standards to ensure maximum integration with classroom curricula, and activity guides for parents, volunteers, and afterschool-club leaders allow for easy implementation by any adult facilitator. Learn more about the “Learn & Earn” program at www.SMClearnandearn.com!


Do your kids or students have some great business ideas? A cornerstone of the Secret Millionaire’s Club “Learn & Earn” program is an annual national competition that challenges kids 7–16 to come up with concepts for new businesses. The first annual “Grow Your Own Business Challenge” garnered nationwide participation from kids who learned about the competition through teachers, families, and youth organizations.

The second annual “Grow Your Own Business Challenge” kicks off on December 3, 2012. Individuals or teams of 2 to 4 students, ages 7–16, will have an opportunity to submit their entries to win up to $5000 each, plus a chance to pitch their business ideas to Warren Buffett! Teachers/mentors win, too—up to $1000 each, plus a trip to the finalist celebration event! Visit www.smckids.com/contest and get started with the Challenge today.


The Second Annual “Grow Your Own Business Challenge”  Do your kids or students have a great business idea? Warren Buffett and the Secret Millionaires Club are looking for new business ideas from kids 7 to 16. The second annual “Grow Your Own Business Challenge” begins December 3, 2012 and encourages innovative entries from individuals and teams of 2–4. Grand Prize Winners will be awarded $5,000 each, plus a chance to pitch their business ideas to Warren Buffett! Teachers/mentors nominated by the Grand Prize Winners will be awarded $1000 each and a trip to the finalist celebration event! Visit www.SMCkids.com/contest  to learn more!

The Hub Secret Millionaires Club TV series: Right now, kids across the country can watch the “Be Cool to Your School” Secret Millionaires Club TV special—featuring guest star Jay-Z!—at http://www.smclearnandearn.com/learnandearn/content/smc-video-special. And in March 2013, The Hub TV Channel will launch a weekly animated TV series featuring Warren Buffett and special guest stars. Stay tuned to www.SMClearnandearn.com to find out more! 


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