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ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions


ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions is a nonprofit organization that has been providing consumers with counseling and educational resources for more than 40 years. ClearPoint is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia and hosts branches in 12 states while also reaching consumers through phone and Internet counseling in all 50 states. ClearPoint is committed to financial literacy for all and everything that we do works towards the goal of “Consumer Health Through Financial Education.”



  • Budget and Credit Counseling: During a confidential and personalized no-cost credit counseling session, ClearPoint will provide you with an assessment of your financial situation (including reviewing your credit report), help you create a realistic budget and give you tools to manage your money better.
  • Debt Repayment Programs: Stop collection calls and late fees, and lower your interest rates: Start paying down your debt with a convenient monthly payment plan.
  • Pre-Purchase Counseling: Buying a home is a big investment. Make sure you are well-informed about all the costs involved before and after your purchase.
  • Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Counseling: Learn about your options and get help with talking to lenders.
  • Reverse Mortgage Counseling: Learn the true cost of a loan and explore alternatives.
  • Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling: Fully understand your financial alternatives. Services are available via telephone and webinar along with workshops (at select locations).
  • Pre-Discharge Debtor Education: Learn how to re-establish your personal finances after bankruptcy. Services are delivered via webinar or through an Internet study course, and workshops (at select locations).
  • Education Solutions: ClearPoint offers educational outreach programs on a variety of topics, including budgeting, paying off debt, using credit wisely, buying a home, basic banking, and surviving financial setbacks.


  • ClearPoint U: ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions has launched a new online module called ClearPoint U. This counseling resource prepares users for a variety of financial situations while also educating them about financial strategies to use on a day-to-day basis. Users are tested on financial topics like "Identity Theft," "Banking," and "Paying Down Debt." After taking a pre-test, users watch an educational presentation that includes helpful videos, advice from credit counselors, and links to other online resources. Users then take a post-test and can measure what they learned. The module can be accessed at u.clearpointccs.org. We also offer a way for groups or employers to monitor test scores and progress through the program. Contact us for more information.
  • Financial Firsts: Financial Firsts is a program developed by ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions and is currently being developed as an online, interactive module for high school and early college aged users. Financial Firsts offers not only educational resources for teachers and parents, but also online assessments and supplemental material for students. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in a game as they progress through the material, ensuring real-life application of the lessons learned. This can be accessed at www.financialfirsts.org.
  • Squared Away: ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions has partnered with the Financial Security Project at Boston College to create "Squared Away," a site that hosts helpful financial tools for a variety of topics and goals. The site aims to teach consumers about "Everyday Money," "Reserves and Insurance," "Investments and Debt," "Housing and Mortgages," and "Retirement." It offers educational resources along with calculators and other tools that can help visitors plan for healthy financial futures. The tools were made with the user in mind and are both easy to use and visually impressive.


ClearPoint encourages educators and consumers interested in financial health to sign up and begin using Financial Firsts. Content is already available, and ClearPoint is regularly adding material to improve the user's experience. We also invite institutions and other groups to use ClearPoint U and to contact us for information about tracking user scores and progress.


For more information about these resources, please contact Sarah Rose-Silva at:

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