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The South Carolina Jump$tart Coalition has historically engaged the following committees to support its goals. Committee chairs listed are the most recent.

Education Committee
Promote and coordinate community outreach programs to raise awareness of financial literacy; develop, maintain and publicize a database of statewide financial education resources.
Chair: Eleanor Glover

Communications Committee
Market and communicate Coalition efforts and programs; promote awareness of the Coalition and its goals through website and listserv, etc.
Chair: Brandon Pugh

Membership Committee
Identify and solicit business, government agencies, individuals, etc. to join the Coalition; identify potential funding sources including in-kind donations and grants.
Chair: Brandon Pugh

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee consists of five board-appointed members who evaluate the financial and budgetary recommendations of the Education, Membership and Communications Committees and reports its recommendations, explaining the results of the implementation of such recommendations. The Committee administers, monitors and evaluates the grant proposal process. Regular meetings are held one month prior to scheduled board meetings, with ad hoc meetings held as deemed necessary.
Chair: Cheryl Morrison