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The Tennessee Jump$tart Coalition has formed the following committees in order to achieve its goals.

Education Committee
Leads the educational initiatives of Tennessee Jump$tart.

Conference Subcommittee
Plan and implement the annual Tennessee Jump$tart teacher conference. Review bids and provide recommendations for the location and facilities.
Co-Chairs: Carla Jarrell, Christy Minton, Jackie Morgan
Committee Members: Jeannette Bennett, Ann Berry, Kristina Howard, Alan Smith

CTE Teacher Training Subcommittee
Works in collaboration with the CTE Conference to conduct personal finance training.
Chair: Jackie Morgan
Committee Members: Ann Berry, Jane Gault, Carla Jarrell

Elementary to College Outreach Subcommittee
Provides education opportunities for college/ young adults. Provides education opportunities for elementary classrooms. Researches trends and makes recommendations.
Committee Members: Angela Conner, Tracey DIll, Timothy Duke, William Frye, Barb Metzger, LeeAnne Nowlin, Mike Pearson, Angie Rouech, Andy Schenk, Alan Smith

Train the Trainer Subcommittee
Trains coalition members on classroom strategies and/or subject matter.
Committee Members: Ann Berry, Kristina Howard

Personal Finance Course Subcommittee
Provides updates on personal finance course, the direction of personal finance across all grade levels and related information.
Chair: Joy Smith

Research Subcommittee 
Identifies and conducts relevant personal finance research.
Committee Members: Jeannette Bennett, Jackie Morgan, Jason Seay 

Finance Committee
Oversees finances, tax filings, internal reviews and advises on potential funding opportunities.
Chair: Christy Minton
Committee Members: Beverly James, Carla Jarrell

Organizational Committee
Reviews by-laws, officer nominations, structural changes, and makes board recommendations for additions and removals.
Chair: Jane Gault
Committee Members: Ann Berry, Kristina Howard, Carla Jarrell, Cynthis Kinser, Christy Minton, Alan Smith

Government Affairs Committee

Legislative Subcommittee
Provides updates on state and federal legislation and policy committees.
Chair: Kristina Howard
Committee Members: Ann Berry, Carla Jarrell, T'Lanie Ruegge, Amy Smith

Tennessee Financial Literacy Subcommittee
Chair: James Armistead
Committee Members:Joy Harris

Marketing/ Public Relations Committee
Enhances public awareness, promotes events and coalition, distributes news releases and other media communications and plans awareness events.

Outreach Subcommittee
Maintains the Speakers Bureau and maintains a list of committees and committee members
Chair: Jeannette Bennett
Committee members: Carla Jarrell, Marci Hethmon

Teacher of the Year Awards Subcommittee
Recognizes educators for outstanding financial literacy, solicits entries, maintains applications, judges entries, and obtains awards.
Chair: Alan Smith
Committee Members: Jeannette Bennett, Ann Berry, Carla Jarrell, Jackie Morgan

Financial Literacy Month Subcommittee
Develops a marketing plan for Tennessee Jump$tart for the month of April. Identifies events and channels of marketing to publicize the efforts of the Coalition and partners. Distributes information to partners about activities and ideas for the month.
Chair: Kristina Howard
Committee Members: Ann Berry, Jared Plunk, Amy Smith

Technology Committee
Utilizes technology to communicate with audiences. 

Tennessee Jump$tart List Serve Subcommittee
Maintains and updates Tennessee Jump$tart list serve.
Chair: Carla Jarrell, Jared Plunk

Social Media Subcommittee
Maintains and updates Tennessee Jump$tart website; keeps apprised of the relevant social networking opportunities and makes recommendations as necessary.
Co-chairs: Marci Hethmon, Jared Plunk
Committee Members: Jeannette Bennette, Jason Seay

Membership Committee
Follows up with new contacts about involvement with Tennessee Jump$tart and solicits active and new membership.
Committe Members: Sharon Barkmeier, Timothy Duke, Jared Plunk, Sharon Renfro, T'Lanie Ruegge