Council for Economic Education

CEE is the leading organization in the United States that focuses on the economic and financial education of students from kindergarten through high school- and we have been doing so for 65 years. CEE delivers the fourth “R” —a real-world understanding of how to build fruitful lives to America’s young people. Our goal is to reach and teach every child to create a more informed citizenry capable of making better decisions as savers, investors, borrowers, voters and participants in the global economy.  We do this by educating the educators: providing the curriculum tools, the pedagogical support, and the community of peers that instruct, inspire, and guide.  All resources and programs are developed by educators, and delivered by our national network of affiliates- over 240 across the country. Last year, we trained more than 55,000 teachers; those teachers, in turn, we estimate, reached 5 million students.

Nan J. Morrison
President and CEO
Council for Economic Education
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