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Education Finance Council

Education Finance Council (EFC), headquartered in Washington, D.C., is the national trade association representing nonprofit and state-agency student loan organizations. These entities operate as student loan servicers, alternative student loan originators, and the go-to sources in their states for college planning.  EFC members work within their communities and states to provide counseling to students and families to encourage college attendance, saving for college, selecting and paying for college, and managing student loan debt. 

EFC members – while considered part of the private loan market – are distinct from traditional commercial financial institutions that make and service student loans.  As state-based, nonprofit entities, EFC members are driven by a public purpose mission to expand borrowers’ financial knowledge, prevent over-borrowing, and promote positive repayment behavior.


EFC offers its members a wide range of benefits including: advocacy, college access and success initiatives, EFC publications, meetings and events, and access to the expertise of the EFC staff.

Advocacy: EFC staff members are the primary source of critical public policy information for EFC membership due to their unique qualifications to advocate on legislative and regulatory issues affecting voting members. These issues include improving consumer information on saving, planning, and paying for college; simplifying the student loan borrowing and repayment process; preserving and enhancing the tax-exempt bond financing for student loans; ensuring fair and equitable treatment for non-for-profit servicers; and exploring public-private partnerships to improve the federal student loan program for borrowers, the federal government, and taxpayers.

College Access and Success Initiatives: EFC works collaboratively with its members and industry partners to support and develop college access and success programs on both the local and national level. 

EFC Publications:

  • EFC Exchange: The EFC Exchange, available exclusively to EFC voting and affiliate members, provides a daily analysis of key industry, congressional, regulatory, political, and economic issues and news.
  • EFC Monthly Rundown: The EFC Monthly Rundown, available exclusively to EFC voting and affiliate members, provides a monthly summary of EFC's advocacy, industry relations, and communications activity throughout the month.
  • College Access and Success Data Report Book: The College Access and Success Data Report Book provides information regarding the scope, reach, and efficacy of EFC members’ college access and success programs.
  • Alternative Student Loan Handbook: The Handbook is a compilation of the 18 active state-based student loan programs that offer low-cost alternative loans.  The Handbook is intended to be a snapshot of the program’s rates and requirements and give borrowers and loan organizations a comprehensive look at industry standards.

Meetings & Events: EFC meetings and events are recognized within the student loan community as being the most substantive and informative in the industry. EFC members receive a substantially reduced rate to attend EFC events and are afforded the opportunity to participate in certain members-only specialized events. EFC events are planned with the goal of providing the most relevant and timely information while also offering members valuable networking opportunities.

EFC Staff & Member Expertise: The EFC team is a group of talented and dedicated professionals with many years of collective experience. Their expertise ranges across the key institutions and fields pertinent to advocacy of higher education access, affordability, and success. EFC staff is always available for individual member assistance.

Twitter Chats: In June 2015, EFC launched a monthly twitter chat to engage students and families with college success professionals from across the country. Tune in the second Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. ET by following @EFCTweets.


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Communications Manager
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