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The following events are currently scheduled:


National Institute of Financial and Economic Literacy 2011

CLASS FULL - April 1, 2011 - Wisconsin Insurance Education Institute

Online Course begins April 1, 2011?
           The On-Site Session is July 27-29 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison

June 20 - 24, 2011 - Paychecks, Financial Contracts and Entrepreneurship

The need for financial education in classrooms is growing exponentially across the country. These programs give you the expertise and confidence you need to teach personal finance. Plus, you get dozens of teaching materials and resources free. Take advantage of the opportunity. Build your own personal finance skills too. Enroll today.

How you benefit
Learn from top-notch instructors and guest speakers with national and local experience in the financial industry from both the public and private sector

  • Bring back numerous FREE materials and proven curricula
  • Learn classroom-tested teaching strategies that work
  • Network with other educators and, yes, have fun
  • Obtain lesson plans that fit Wisconsin and national standards
  • Become a better manager of your own personal finances

Who Should Attend

  • Teachers of personal finance, family and consumer sciences, social studies, economics, math, business and
  • Others who want to acquire the ability to teach money management and personal finance.
  • Superintendents, directors, administrators, and principals of high schools, middle schools, and grade schools and
  • Others in similar positions also benefit.

Registration fee and reduced-rate graduate credits and lesson plans (excluding WI Insurance Education Institute - see below)

  • Program only (36 clock hours) — $225
  • Program plus earn 3 graduate credits (optional) — $600
  • Lesson plans fit Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for social studies, business education, and family and consumer education and National Jump$tart Coalition Standards for personal finance.

Fees include lodging, meals, materials, refreshments, and parking.
Please contact Deb Wiese, (Turn on JavaScript!) of Edgewood College with questions regarding graduate credit or clock hours

CLASS FULL -- April 1, 2011 - Wisconsin Insurance Education Institute

(The Online Course begins April 1, On-Site Session is July 27-29 at the University of Wisconsin – Madison)

A Griffith Insruance Education Foundation grant and an alliance between the University of Central Arkansas, the University of Wisconsin - Madison and the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutinos make the course available for a $25 application fee.  This first-ever NIFEL blend of online and on-site learning includes all materials, food and lodgining.  It gives you mastery to teach about insurance to middle and high school students and their families.  Topics include:  types of insurance companies, insurance regulation, risk management, homeowners and renters insurance, automobile insurance, life insurance, health insurance and disability income, fmaily financial planning careers in insurance and curriculum development.  Enrollment limit:  30 teachers, grades 7 - 12 only.  For this program ONLY, go to http://uca.edu/outreach/nifel to register.  Registration deadline is March 20, 2011.

June 20 - 24, 2011 - Paychecks, Financial Contracts and Entrepreneurship

During this session you become skilled at teaching a step-by-step approach to managing and understanding these basic-but-vital transactions.  You become familiar with experienced-based activities such as the Reality Store.  It helps your students undertand their financial world in a practical yet fun and engaging way.  Part of the week focuses on creating your own paycheck through entrepreneurship - a core element of our free enterprise system.

You learn from this program how to teach about:  Life's major financial transactions (renting, Home buying, education planning, car buying/leasing, cellular phone contracts); the anatomy of a paycheck and employee benefits (social security and retirement planning, employee benefits, taxes and withholding); and entrepreneurship - creating your own paycheck (starting your own business, practical lessons of creating money, the millionaire mindset).  Register now !!

July 11 - 15, 2011 - Investor Education, Economics and Insurance

During this session you explore saving and investing as means to financial security and a wealth building strategy.  You also gain the knowledge and skills necesary to make informed investment decisions for your and your students.  You learn why it is important to get started early.  Several participative activities and "games" make for a lively learning environment.  Learn how the institutions of a market economomy enchance wealth building individually and socially.  In addition, there are sessions on all major forms of insurance. 

You learn from this program how to teach about:  Investor education - knowledge and skills to build wealth (investor protection, personal investing, methods of investing); the economic way of thinking (saving:  obstacles, strategies, financial institutions, long-term benefits, the basics of budgeting - pay yourself first, financial fitness for life); and insurance choices (life, disability and long-term care insurance, homeowners, renters, auto and health).  Register now !!

August 1 - 5, 2011 - Credit and Money

During this session you learn about creidt, one of the most widely used but often-abused financial tools in existence.  Learn about the many changes in the law affecting credit cards today.  Through a variety of speakers and activities, the course shows you how to teach your students about credit basics - technical, psychological, behavioral - while you also gain a better undertanding yourself. 

You learn from this program how to teach about:  Socially responsible consumption (classifications of credit, costs, fees, terms, etc., how credit scoring is used, how to read and understand a credit report); budgeting in the real world and credit education (experiencing budgeting from a high school student's perspective, money management and the wise use of credit, overview of the available information on credit education); and money, inflation and who protects our money (monetary policy, how the fed controls inflation and free enterprise and regulation).  Register now !!




July 11 - 15, 2011 - Investor Education, Economics and Insurance

August 1 - 5, 2011 - Credit and Money