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Griffith Insurance Education Foundation

The Griffith Insurance Education Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, education organization, was founded to promote the study and teaching of risk management and insurance (RMI). Today the Foundation provides risk management and insurance education programs for K-12 students, supports college and university RMI programs nationwide, and offers basic principles seminars and workshops for public policymakers.
The Griffith Foundation is committed to improving financial literacy in the United States, especially in our area of expertise - risk management and insurance. That's why we provide education opportunities and resources to K-12 teachers-free of charge. In 2007 the Foundation merged with the Insurance Education Institute (IEI). The IEI was founded to improve the understanding of risk management and insurance and their role in society. Through a series of university-based Institutes, the Foundation now offers high school and middle school teachers graduate-level professional development, curriculum and teaching resources to help them introduce their students to the basic principles of risk management and insurance.

The Foundation also provides curriculum assistance and financial support for the development and expansion of collegiate RMI programs, scholarly symposia for RMI professors, and education programs and scholarships for college students.

Finally, to promote a better understanding of the basic principles of risk management and insurance, the Foundation also provides programs and resources to help public policymakers make informed decisions on these issues. Our basic principles and current topics programs are taught by noted professors of risk management and insurance, and are strictly instructional and do not support a position on any issues.

Jason Terrell
Director of Programs
Griffith Insurance Education Foundation
720 Providence Rd., Suite 100
Malvern, PA 19355
Phone: 855-288-7743
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