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New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition - February 2014

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The mission of the New Hampshire Jump$tart Coalition is to improve the financial literacy of pre-kindergarten through college-age youth by providing advocacy, research, activities, standards and educational resources. NH Jump$tart strives to prepare youth for life-long successful financial decision-making.

Our vision is for personal finance to be included in the education of all students. NH Jump$tart provides the collaboration needed to ensure this education. We have a unique proposition because NH Jump$tart is a coalition of organizations and individuals, which share a commitment to the financial education of youth. Working collaboratively, more resources and expertise are available to accomplish this task.

NH Jump$tart understands the power of the community in shaping what is taught to our children. In a state where local educational control is important to its citizens, we work extremely hard in promoting our message of youth financial literacy to parent groups, educational leaders, local school boards, civic organizations and state leaders.

LifeSmarts: the Ultimate Consumer Challenge.
For 11 years, we have been the NH state coordinator of this nationwide life skills-building program for teenagers.
I Can Save! Campaign  
The “I Can Save” initiative is designed to encourage elementary school children to begin a savings habit that can continue through their lives. Last year, we visited with over 1,300 second-graders from elementary schools throughout the Granite State.
MoneySmarts Teachers Conference
Since 2001, we have conducted the only statewide professional development conference for teacher that is specifically devoted to personal finance.

Forum on Financial Literacy of NH Families and Workers  
At this annual event, participants learned about the impact of financial stress on New Hampshire workers and discussed how financial education can be one solution for positively impacting the workplace and the next generation of workers.   

The Get 10 Virtual Quest™  
Our online scavenger hunt for teenagers ages 14-18 that challenges students to find the correct answers to 10 questions every good consumer should know.

Volunteer Support
If your organization or you as an individual are actively engaged in promoting personal financial literacy among youth, we invite you to join us. Visit our website and review our list of volunteer committees to see where you would like to help!

Financial Support
The NH Jump$tart Coalition is an all-volunteer, charitable 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization . As such, we rely on the generous support and contributions from organizations that believe in our mission.

We recently released a research study of New Hampshire high schools to identify which schools are meeting the state’s minimum education requirement for economics and personal finance.  Three high schools were identified as requiring a half-semester, stand alone personal finance course in addition to a half-semester of economics. These schools and their district leadership will be recognized in a special ceremony as part of our Financial Literacy Month activities in April.

Daniel N. Hebert
New Hampshire Jump$tart
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