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State Requirements - Missouri

2006 MO Department of Education Rule Chapter 5c50-345

No legislation specifically mandating Personal Finance Education requirement.

Department of Education Rules Chapter 5c50-345. The New Minimum Standards Apply to the Class of 2010. Effective for the graduating class of 2010 and thereafter, the state minimum high school graduation requirements comprise twenty-four (24) units of credit that must be earned between grades nine (9) and twelve (12). There will be NEW requirements for a half-unit course (one semester) in 'Personal Finance' and a half-unit course in health education. Classes in Personal Finance may be offered in grades 10, 11 and 12, as a practical arts course, a social studies course or as a stand-alone course. Each student's transcript must indicate that he or she earned a passing grade in this course. If the personal finance class is offered in the practical arts department, it may be counted to meet: (1) the personal finance requirement; and (2) as one-half of the required credit in practical arts. If personal finance is offered in the social studies department, it may be counted to meet: (1) the personal finance requirement; and (2) as a half-unit (0.5) of the 3 units of required social studies. In either of these cases, the electives available to a student would increase to 7.5 units, and the student would earn the full 24 units of credit required for graduation.

Status Description:
Personal Finance Education (.5 Unit) Provided within Business Education Family and Consumer Sciences Courses Required for graduates beginning with Class of 2010.

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