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State Requirements - North Carolina

2005 HB 16 / SB 912

HB 16: Passed House 5/10/05 and SB 912: Passed Senate 5/26/05. The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts: SECTION 1.  G.S. 115C-81 is amended by Session Law 2005-276, Section 7.59 by adding a new subsection to read: "(i) Both the standard course of study and the Basic Education Program shall include the requirement that the public schools provide instruction in personal financial literacy for all students during the high school years. The State Board of Education shall determine the components of personal financial literacy that will be covered in the curriculum. The State Board shall also review the high school standard course of study to determine in which course the new personal financial literacy curriculum can be integrated."

North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Civics and Economics includes Personal Financial Literacy for high school students. Lessons include taxing and spending, money management, savings and investment, credit, insurance, and banking.

Status Description:
Personal Finance Education embedded within Civics and Economics Content Standards Required for High School Graduation.

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