The Alabama Jump$tart Coalition is a non-profit organization that was established in December 2002 in Alabama to increase financial education in kindergarten through college.  Alabama Jump$tart is a proud affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy which is based in Washington, D.C. and was first convened in 1995. For more information, visit the National Jump$tart website at


The Alabama Jump$tart Coalition seeks to increase financial literacy for all K-16 students in Alabama by collaborating with other organizations in Alabama to promote financial literacy.


The Alabama Jump$tart Coalition envisions a time when all Alabama young people will be financially literate and equipped to achieve lifetime financial goals upon graduation from high school.

Financial Education Requirements:

In 2014, the State of Alabama passed a requirement that all students in 9th grade would be required to take a Career Preparedness class.  This class teaches youth skills for career exploration and financial education and is currently a requirement for graduation.

Alabama Jump$tart Coalition Events and Meetings


2017 Events: 

August 2017:

Take Charge Today Free Teacher Training:    Redstone Federal Credit Union will host a FREE Teacher training workshop in Huntsville, Alabama on July 13th & 14th.  

Registration Link: 

Location: The Atrium at Redstone Federal Credit Union, 220 Wynn Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35893

** This Free two day training event is open to any classroom teacher in 7th - 12th grade, who has an interest or is required to teach financial education in the classrom.  This engaging and user-friendly curriculim is a Money Management curriculim that will provide students the pathway to gain financial skills for a lifetime of succes.  Website:

ALACTE Teachers Summer Conference:  Alabama Jump$tart Coalition hosts the "Day of Financial Literacy" for Teachers in 7th - 12th.  Teachers will have the opportunity to attend this free Lunch & Learn to gain financial education skills and receive free financial education resource materials for the classroom.  To attend these free teacher fiancial education workshops events, you must be a registered attendee at the ALACTE Teachers Conference that will be held in Birmingham, Alabama on August 1st - 3rd.   

Summer 2017Share the gift of reading with your child and teach them about money too.   The below list are books that can be purchased at Books-a-Million or Barnes & Noble: Berenstain Bears’ – Trouble with Money, Marc Brown – Arthur’s TV Trouble, Shelley Gill – Big Buck Adventure, David M Schwartz – If you Made a Million, Rosemary Wells – Bunny Money, and Marissa Moss – Amelia Works it Out.

October 2017: Get Smart about Credit.  Join together during October to celebrate "Get Smart about Credit" Day.   One way to make an impact is to share lessons with your teenager by teaching them lessons regarding credit, credit cards, how to purchase a car, and preparing to pay for college.