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If you're involved with or concerned about students learning how to handle money successfully - you've come to the right place. The Alaska Jump$tart Coalition is a non-profit organization with individuals and organizations representing business, government and education who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Alaska's Youth.  

Alaska Jump$tart Coalition's goals:

  • To strengthen the personal financial literacy of youth in Alaska
  • To provide the State of Alaska with a regional source for financial literacy materials, educational programs, training activities and resources focused on, but not limited to educating young people about personal financial management
  • To assist other charitable and educational organizations in the conduct of similar activities. The Alaska Jump$tart Coalition is a proud affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. The National Jump$tart Coalition, based in Washington, D.C., was first convened in 1995 and consists of over 200 organizations committed to improving the financial literacy of America's Youth. For more information, visit their website at
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What is the National Financial Capability Challenge?

The National Financial Capability Challenge is an awards program designed to increase the financial knowledge and capability of high school aged youth across the United States so they can take control over their financial futures. It challenges high school teachers and other educators to teach the basics of personal finance to their students, and rewards students, educators, schools, and states for their participation and their success. The goal is for 1 million students to take the Challenge. To make that happen, we'll need educators from all across the country to sign up and prepare their students.

During February and March, educators teach students the basics of personal finance, inside or outside of the classroom. They can use the free Educator Toolkit, their own materials, or a combination. On a date in late March or early April (to be selected by their educators), students will take a voluntary online exam designed to illustrate the relevance of financial capability, allow students to demonstrate what they have learned, and assess their financial knowledge. In April, educators and top-scoring students will receive award certificates, and schools and states with the highest participation rates will earn special distinction.

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