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Our Mission:

The Connecticut Jump$tart Coalition is a non-profit organization with individuals and organizations representing business, government and education who have joined together to improve the personal financial literacy of Connecticut’s youth.

What We Do:

The Connecticut Jump$tart Coalition encourages the development and implementation of programs to educated young people about personal financial management and responsibility. This includes convening conferences for students and training sessions for teachers; supporting financial education programs in-school, after-school and in conjunction with community partners.  The coalition also is working to:

  •  Build awareness of the need for financial education for young people
  •  Research barriers to financial preparedness, or capacity or independence
  •  Provide an inventory of financial education programs and curricula available in the state
  •  Ensure that financial literacy is an important part of discussions of public policy on both a state and local level.

Several teachers from Connecticut attended the 2013 Jump$tart National Educator Conference, held in Washington, DC in November.
Connecticut's delegation to the 2013 Jump$tart National Educator Conference


The Connecticut Jump$tart Coalition was founded in 2005 by Junior Achievement of Southwest New England, Office of the State Treasurer, State Department of Banking, State Department of Education, Bank of America, Centers for Financial Education and Connecticut Association of Boards of Education.

It is a proud affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy. The National Jump$tart Coalition, based in Washington, D.C., was first convened in 1995 and consists of over 200 organizations committed to improving the financial literacy of America’s youth. For more information, visit their website at www.jumpstart.org.