Jump$tart National Educator Conference Testimonials

"I would just like to thank you for an amazing conference, once again. This is the 5th conference I have attended at JumpStart ... and it is still the best conference I have attended in 30+ years of teaching."

Osseo Senior High School

"I had a BLAST this past weekend at the conference, and believe I learned more and obtained more useful materials than I have from any conference. I know it will all benefit my students greatly."

Blount County Schools

"First and foremost I want to thank you for all the work and time put into the financial conference. I, once again, left the conference feeling refreshed and invigorated to share the 'wealth' of knowledge (pun intended) I obtained at the conference."

Simsbury Public Schools

"As usual, this year's conference was very enjoyable and educational.  I have been for the past 3 of 4 years, I plan to attend next year as well."

Monadnock Regional HS
New Hampshire

"As an educator, we often face criticism of our profession. At this conference, the wonderful folks at Jump$tart and all of the supporting sponsors treat teachers like rockstars." (Full blog post.) 

Mansfield High School

"This was my second Jump$tart National Educator Conference and, once again, it was great!  I told my principal today that both times it has been a great conference where I have learned a lot and gotten some great resources…..not to mention a lot of great food!  I enjoyed the guest speakers (especially the lunch speaker) and the sessions were informative and gave me great information to bring back to my students."

Walton-Verona Independent Schools 

"Thank YOU so much! The conference was so amazing and wouldn't have been possible without my scholarship. There is so much I can bring to may classroom! You are all much appreciated."

Kingsport City Schools

"Thank you for providing me with a scholarship for the 2016 JumpStart National Education Conference in Dallas, Texas. The conference was awesome! ... This was my first time attending a personal finance conference and I have already started making plans for attending the conference next year in Washington, D.C." 

Missouri State University

"I wanted to express my gratitude again for an amazing weekend!  It was full of knowledge, information, and connections/relationships that are really going to strengthen what’s going on in the classroom.  Being my first year teaching this subject, it has been overwhelming, and it’s not my passion.  History is…. Or was!!  I am really wanting to excel not only as a teacher of Econ/Personal Finance, but excel in personal finance with my family and my future.  Everything was top notched and I have never felt as appreciated as a teacher in my short six-year teaching career.  I have always said that when I go into administration (because that is what I plan on doing) that I wanted to focus on the morale and the relationships with my teachers in investing in them and letting them know I care and appreciate them.  I will still do this, but I also want whatever school that I am at, to have highly effective Econ/Personal Finance classes!  I never expected to dive into it like I am, but I am excited and much of that stems from this conference, your leadership and passion, and the people that I met.  Thank you and can’t wait to see and be a part of next year’s conference.

Deep Run High School


"This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Texas for the Jump$tart National Educator Conference. I had opportunities to meet and network with some of the greatest educators across the nation and heard some of the most paramount speakers. The workshops were relevant and I brought home numerous ideas and resources to implement into my classroom. Now that I know what to expect, I plan to seek an early scholarship for next year’s conference that I might continue the educational experience. Thanks again for supporting me as I continue to seek ways to add value to the learning experiences of my students."

Marietta High School