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THE CENTSABLES is a national, multi-media initiative that teaches kids (target ages 6-12) about money, saving and financial responsibility using the concept of “edu-tainment,” or educating through entertainment.

THE CENTSABLES are six lovable financially-fabulous superheroes – a bull and bear, a tortoise and hare, a saving squirrel and a duck with liquid assets – who lead children through lessons on banking, saving, spending, budgeting, credit, investing, borrowing, and sharing in cartoons, comic books, and a variety of interactive “edu-tainment” activities.  

Available in English and Spanish, the program includes:

  • A 13-episode animated televisions series
  • A collection of educational short videos, public service announcements (PSAs), and Q&A video segments
  • An interactive website (centsables.com)
  • Four Financial “Factivity” books
  • A 13-part comic book series
  • Financial literacy board game
  • Financial fitness mobile tour, complete with Centsables costumed characters
  • A successfully proven school outreach program, with lesson plans for teachers
  • A retail Savings for Kids program licensed by banks and credit unions

In September, the animated series launched on 24 small- to medium market broadcast stations across the U.S.  Greg Conklin, Corporate Program Director for Gray Television Stations, stated: "Our stations are very involved with their communities.  The Centsables allows us to address the very important issue of financial literacy for kids through the television series, as well as the many other materials the Centsables initiative offers."  The series is produced through a co-production with Maya Digital Entertainment, one of India's leading animation studios.



Beginning January 2013, The Centsables will air on a national business cable network (available in 90 million homes) in a prominent all-family time slot, Sunday nights at 7 p.m. The program will speak directly to kids and their parents, about the importance of financial literacy and responsibility at a young age. The network will promote the program and this goal, and will run The Centsables as a series for 52 weeks…but we need your help. (See more, below.)

Also, our non-profit corporation, Financial Literacy Through Edu-tainment, or “FLTE,” recently received 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.  FLTE provides companies, sponsors, financial institutions and others the opportunity to participate in The Centsables program through their foundations and community outreach programs.



In addition to our catalog of financial edu-tainment resources, we are currently offering Jump$tart partners a unique sponsorship opportunity with national broadcast visibility.

When The Centsables series begins broadcasting in January, there will be an opportunity for up to four sponsors to demonstrate their support for financial literacy during the program time slot.  Sponsors will get one-minute commercial spots to promote their own financial literacy activities and positive money management messages for kids and families. We will work with you to help you meet your own goals through this participation.



We need sponsors.  We can only secure this major time slot on a prominent cable network through the financial support of sponsors, but optimally, we want participation from organizations that share our commitment to financial literacy.

To take part in this one-of-a-kind opportunity and a leadership role in this ever-growing important issue of financial literacy for kids, please contact us directly, and right away, so that we can further discuss the project.  Through this effort, you will be helping kids realize that their financial lives lie in their own hands and the importance of building a solid financial foundation, to thrive in a future with many economic uncertainties.   



For more details about participating in this sponsorship opportunity, please contact:


Mark DiPippa 631 547-6210         Turn on JavaScript!                         
Tony Intelisano       518 668-2154         Turn on JavaScript!

Please visit these links for more information about The Centsables program and to view our animation content: