Entertain. Engage. Educate. These form the foundation of THE CENTSABLES initiative, a groundbreaking financial literacy program that uses entertainment to reach--and teach--children ages 6-12. THE CENTSABLES team, friendly bankers by day, super-heroes by choice, dispatch evil villains and rescue victims from financial traps, while modeling diversity and prosocial skills to their young audience. This first-of-its-kind program is built on a multi-media platform, presenting its messages in the ways kids most respond to: an animated TV series, interactive Web site, comic book series, newspaper feature pages, DVDs, games, licensed merchandising program, and in classrooms. In addition to being a powerful educational tool, THE CENTSABLES is a targeted, results-oriented program that delivers quantifiable growth to partnering financial institutions, through a proprietary "Banking for Kids" program that leverages THE CENTSABLES' popularity to encourage a lifetime of good money management in youngsters.


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