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TransUnion is a leading provider of consumer credit information that maintains information on virtually every market active adult in the US--over 200 million people. We provide the information and analytics that enable businesses to decide whether to extend credit, rent apartments and even make offers of employment.
TransUnion is committed to providing credit education and financial tools to help consumers manage their credit wisely. Our products and services empower consumers to take control of their credit and protect themselves against identity fraud. TransUnion also provides businesses with the solutions and information they need to make fair, informed and intelligent decisions about extending credit.

Visit http://www.transunion.com/personal-credit/credit-education.page to learn more about how TransUnion enables consumers and companies to do business with one another, and how we can help young adults start their credit out on the right track.

Clifton O'Neal
Senior Director of Corporate Communications
Phone: (312) 985-2540