University of Delaware: Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship/MAEEE

Mission: To prepare K-12 educators and students in economics personal finance, and entrepreneurship by providing dynamic, effective and standards-based professional learning, resources and programs.

Vision: To see all students graduate as economically literate and productive citizens.

The CEEE strives to expand our statewide, national and international reach in providing professional and curriculum development for K-12 public, private and parochial schools by 1) using the latest technology for program delivery and 2) expanding our staff capabilities, strategic partnerships, targeted marketing and advocacy.  We seek to prepare better teachers by providing them with the highest quality professional development opportunities and resources, and to educate students, through supplemental classroom instruction and experiential programs.

The CEEE is able to exponentially further broaden its influence because of the unique advanced degree program it offers.  Nowhere else can teachers earn a master’s degree in economics, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship education (MAEEE) —a distinction that leaves graduates well-positioned to become economic change agents in their own school districts, states, and countries. 

Carlos J. Asarta
University of Delaware - Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship/MAEEE
102 Alfred Lerner Hall
Newark, DE 19716-2725

(302) 831-4868

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