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October Is Teen Teach-in Month!

Throughout the month of October, high school students are preparing lesson plans on personal finance and teaching those lessons to their younger elementary school peers in communities across America.

More than 50 teachers in 33 states have signed up for Jump$tart’s Teen Teach-in and have been preparing their students for their teaching debut.

About the Teen Teach-in

The Jump$tart Teen Teach-in offers high school students a way to demonstrate the financial knowledge they’ve gained and share it with their elementary school counterparts in a fun teaching and learning activity.

For high school students, the Teen Teach-in means they are turning the information they’ve learned into engaging financial empowerment lessons for their younger peers.

For elementary school students, this is a chance not just to receive an engaging lesson in financial concepts from “the big kids”—it’s a chance to learn about the basics of saving, spending, and budgeting for perhaps the first time.

And, the Teen Teach-in is an opportunity for the community to learn an important lesson: our children are not receiving the effective financial empowerment they need to navigate our increasingly complex financial landscape. And this lack of financial empowerment has particularly harsh consequences for underserved communities.

The Teen Teach-in is not an end in and of itself; it is a beginning: for students to learn about financial concepts in new ways, for parents to recognize and start taking responsibility for the need to advocate for financial empowerment for their children, and for all of us to start walking the talk on financial education. With that in mind, we’ve provided some helpful resources below.