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Ramp It Up is a gamified college financial readiness app that develops baseline financial capability and introduces online college financial resources and topics including types of aid, FAFSA, loans and their limitations, and understanding return on investment of different institutions and majors. It is intentionally designed to reduce stress by mixing content that requires mental focus with pure entertainment and standard gaming features like lives, power-ups and badges.

Ramp It Up has been recognized as a promising and pioneering innovation by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Empowerment Innovation Fund.

A recent report, Ramp It Up: Evaluation of a Gamified College Financial Readiness App,
details findings from a pilot with nearly 1,000 students across the U.S. Among the report’s key findings:

  • 78.2 percent of students would recommend Ramp It Up to others;
  • 69 percent of students reported an increased level of confidence in their ability to use college financing websites and resources; and
  • More than 42 percent of students who responded to the post-intervention survey re-visited websites they were exposed to while playing Ramp It Up outside of the game


We’re looking to partner with organizations that focus on college access across ages (junior high and high school) that can leverage Ramp It Up as a tool to engage young people about college finances.


  • Financial Entertainment Games: Over the past decade, Commonwealth has developed a suite of Financial Entertainment games that improve financial knowledge, capability, and self-confidence for players. Preliminary research shows that these games can be more effective than traditional financial education methods.
  • The Gamification Effect: Using Fun to Build Financial Security: Using a game-based approach, new financial-education and savings programs are putting the power to save in the palm of users’ hands and reinforcing and rewarding smart savings decisions.
  • Rules of Thumb for Loan Repayment: Rules of Thumb are simple, actionable messages that can guide and simplify decision-making and action taking. Commonwealth, working in collaboration with The Urban Institute, found that Rules of Thumb can be applied effectively to reducing revolving credit card debt.




Ramp It Up is a gamified college financial readiness app designed by @buildcommwealth. 69% of students felt more confident about their ability to pay for #college after playing #gamification #FAFSA

Ramp It Up is a free gamified #college financial readiness app from @buildcommwealth! Bldg financial capability + self-confidence + fun = winning combination. Play today! #gamification #edtech #FAFSA

Ramp It Up is a low-cost, scalable intervention to build #college financial readiness. Reach out to @buildcommwealth to learn more about how to partner & bring this app to your students! #gamification #edtech #FAFSA


Alysha Alani, Innovation Strategist