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Who We Are

Million Stories Media is a free new online channel that harnesses the power of entertainment to help students become financially competent, confident, and think with an entrepreneurial mindset. The channel features a host of commercial-free series ranging from thoughtful and relatable to laugh-out-loud comedy. The channel arrives at a time when the COVID-19 crisis has caused millions of people and businesses to face uncertain, extremely worrisome financial futures. Million Stories, and its compelling, highly original programming, aims to help provide Gen Z and millennials the confidence and skills to face these challenges undaunted. Million Stories is a program of the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship.


What We Offer

Million Stories features original, curated and partner content consisting of interesting, authentic, and inspiring shows, many of which feature familiar faces like NFL superstar Richard Sherman; Peter Ramsay, Director of Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse; Olympic medalist Danell Leyva; YouTube comedienne GloZell Green and popular DJ, Marshmello, amongst others.

Through compelling storytelling, Million Stories’ short, bite-sized videos can be used to engage students and millennials on financial topics and make learning something that happens while you’re having fun. Besides a diverse array of programming, the channel also features easy-to-use learning resources, all free, directly linked to every episode of every show.

Million Stories’ series range from heartfelt and inspirational stories to comedy to fast tips and smart strategies. Adulting with Richard Sherman is a 12-episode series showcasing the renowned San Francisco 49er’s captain coaching young people through some of their first ‘adult’ financial decisions. American Paycheck hits the road across America to discover how millennials make money, what they do with the money they make, and how they cope with adverse financial situations in their communities. Faceplant explores the value of failure, revealing how some familiar faces have dealt with personal setbacks and how those failures turned out to be some of the best things that ever happened to them. Milk Money is an emotional and heartfelt look at the real cost of parenting. These shows and more are perfect companions to the 200+ free learning resources offered on Million Stories to help our users become more financially skilled and confident.

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What’s New

Million Stories is addressing critical issues which have arisen from the COVID-19 pandemic with original Instagram content for young people. The channel’s first series, Heads or Tails, answers questions about money, employment and health. It’s hosted by Joey Sasso, charismatic winner of Netflix’s reality show The Circle, and features NBC Financial Correspondent Jean Chatzky and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management Johnny C. Taylor. COVID Chats, brings together young Americans from diverse geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds who share their personal experiences, concerns, learnings and successes during the pandemic. These two series have already reached impressive audience numbers, with over 1.2 million views in just four weeks. The demand for Million Stories’ brand of fast, unexpected and engaging shows has been so strong, the channel has announced the renewal of Heads or Tails for an additional 12-episodes which are now airing on Instagram.

Million Stories has new video content added each week, including more episodes of original shows being premiered  prior to the new school year. Million Stories will also continue to expand with a soon-to-debut blog section that will include important news, videos and articles around topics relating to financial competency, entrepreneurship and much more. ·

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