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By Bill Butler, CEO of Kachinga

“Financial education is essential to help kids prepare for the future. Over and above providing an allowance, chore, and savings app with a secure spend card, Kachinga provides technology to support education at home, at school, and in the community.” – Bill Butler, CEO Kachinga

Kachinga is a FinTech company based in California. Our mission is to bring financial literacy to the next generation. We provide a mobile app and prepaid debit card program designed to teach kids how to earn, save, give, and spend wisely in a digital world.

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Kachinga brings financial literacy to the next generation by giving parents and educators the tools and guidance to teach kids to be smart with money. As a team of parents and financial literacy experts, we have a unique insight and a true passion for solving this critical challenge.

Use Kachinga’s Virtual Money solution to role play in the classroom

Kachinga’s Virtual Money solution is a free version of our app designed to help parents and educators teach kids about money. Families, schools, and non-profits use our technology at home or alongside existing courses for children of all ages. The program is setup, updated, and modified via the app by the parent or educator individually for each child.

Some teachers use Kachinga as a visual aid for topics presented. Other’s setup all students in their class, using Kachinga as a technology resource to role play financial decisions together. Either way, kids are able to reinforce learning and comprehension long-term for the topics discussed in class.

Kachinga’s comprehensive app includes a variety of features to reinforce learning about topics such as: work and responsibility, income, budgeting, saving, giving, and spending wisely. In addition, there are other features and data insights included in the app to teach kids more complex concepts such as compounded interest, goal setting and tracking, and managing repayment plans for loans.


Use Kachinga’s Real Money solution at home

Kachinga is more than just a great allowance, chore, and savings app with a secure parent-managed spend card for kids. Each of the features available in the Virtual Money solution are available within our Real Money paid program, which includes the ability for kids to save, give, and spend using a secure prepaid debit card. We are heavily focused on financial education for kids supported by a community of parents who share the goal of building good money habits for life.

Kachinga Communities is helping to bridge the gap toward economic inclusion

Kachinga focuses on serving underserved communities through our Kachinga Communities program. Banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, and other partners may pre-purchase our paid solution to distribute alongside existing programs or through other community groups.

Financial education is not easily accessible to everyone. Kachinga Communities was launched with our mission in mind, expanding our reach to low-to-moderate income areas through our program partners.

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