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A conversation with Sharon Bonney, Chief Executive Officer for the Coalition on Adult Basic Education

So tell us, what’s new?
We are very excited about the upcoming national conference which will be our biggest conference to date! This year’s national conference will be held in the destination city of Nashville, TN, and more than 2,500 adult educators will gather in person to attend 500+ concurrent sessions that will be held from March 17-20, 2024. There will also be a vendor hall and plenty of networking events.

What’s the impact this has had/or you hope it will have on moving financial literacy forward?
The conference features the work for 40+ national partners and is the largest convening of adult educators in the world. The state of the art programming provides the opportunity for members to learn from each other and expert presenters on trending topics in the field of adult education as well as to visit the vendor hall and view products that will be helpful in the classroom. The attendees bring their learnings back to their local program so that the teachers and administrators that were unable to attend will still have the opportunity to glean information from the attendees.

How do we learn more?
I’d like to encourage you to visit our website at to learn more about the conference and COABE in general. We are an organization of more than 50,000 teachers, administrators, and adult learners that work in over 2,300 programs across the nation, providing services to millions of adult learners nationwide.

What else are you working on?
COABE also continues to engage in multiple award winning initiatives in leadership, advocacy, professional development, and communication.

Tell us more about your organization
Our mission is to inspire educators so adults succeed and communities thrive. We are passionate about bringing greater resources to the field of adult education and always looking for ways to partner and collaborate on initiatives.

Contact: or for general information