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Andson strives to educate, inform and inspire young adults by delivering innovative programs in academics, financial literacy and mentoring. We believe that delivering both financial and educational support to students can aid not only in their academic careers but also in their personal development. Our programs educate and empower students to achieve sound and promising futures.

Andson is proud to present openvest, a new project by Andson that allows teachers to stream Andson’s financial literacy programming via video from the cloud. All resources, including fundraising tools, teacher guides and additional curriculum will be located in Openvest.

See the Andson overview on YouTube.



Openvest strives to provide online financial literacy lessons for students from grades 1 through 5. Openvest’s highly successful curriculum consists of material that is carefully drafted to remain relevant to the everyday lives of our target students while maximizing parental involvement through collaborative homework exercises. The purpose of Openvest is to teach students the skills that are necessary for making critical financial decisions at an early age. Such capabilities directly affect students’ future propensity to attain key assets (personal property, reliable savings and even a higher education) that serve to elevate their economic well-being. The habits and practices that are instilled in youth and young adults about money, credit/debt, expenditures, and savings form the basis of good money practices further built upon through adulthood. Thus, Openvest offers a comprehensive strategy for educating youth to be effective managers of money and successful navigators of a complex financial marketplace.


The Openvest curriculum is based on the standards published by the National Jump$tart Coalition, as well as those of the National Council of Economic Education, and is aligned with Common Core Standards while meeting and exceeding 100 percent of state-mandated financial literacy requirements. At the core of Openvest is parental engagement. Students’ take-home worksheets involve communication at home around actual family circumstances and discussions regarding saving and spending habits. For many families, this may be the first time they are engaged in a budgeting exercise, for example. The ultimate goal of Andson’s financial literacy program is to prepare our students to manage their own personal finances and to work toward financial independence in a structured manner.



Learn more about how Openvest is bringing standardized financial literacy programs to youth and young adults. @andson_org


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