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As you head back to school, have you thought about ways to engage students in learning about their financial futures? A free resource from Bank of America,, is designed for the way students learn today. Its easy-to-understand tools and resources help students and parents master core financial concepts, and take steps toward applying that know-how to their lives.

Whether brushing up on the fundamentals of saving and budgeting, or preparing for college, improving financial wellbeing takes the education and practice that is at the heart of


Through Bank of America’s partnership with Khan Academy, a leader in online learning, is a simple way to get real, practical knowledge about money. The free, accessible tools and information on the site build financial know-how so that people can make confident personal financial decisions. covers topics people want to learn about – like credit, college savings, personal banking, understanding loans – using terms and examples they can understand. It connects this information to people’s goals and situations – so it is easily accessible when and where people need it.

And it works: people who use Better Money Habits are showing signs that they are growing savings, growing checking balances and reducing debt. The financial world can be intimidating, that’s why Better Money Habits lays out the facts so people can best decide what makes sense for them.

WHERE TO START is free and available on mobile devices, tablets, and laptop computers. A few places to start:

Teachers and parents can leverage these materials as the basis for a lesson or as a helpful supplement to enhance an existing learning experience.


At the end of last year, Bank of America began rolling out content in Spanish and the full site will be translated by the end of 2018. You can find the current Spanish resources on the site by clicking “En Español” at the top of the main page.

Bank of America is driven by a common purpose to make financial lives better. Consider using the resources on the Better Money Habits site to help plan for your upcoming school year. With information to teach students how to smartly manage their funds, it can be used effectively help students understand and plan for their financial futures.


Wynne Lum

Twitter: @BofA_Tips