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Launched by the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning, the “I am a CFP®Pro” campaign is encouraging young people of all backgrounds to consider the financial planning profession. The campaign dispels common misperceptions and highlights the many benefits of a career in financial planning through “day in the life” videos and personal stories shared on social media by young, successful CFP® pros.

Demand for financial planners is growing. Nearly 20 percent of current financial planners are near retirement, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects demand for the career will increase 30 percent by 2024. In fact, the Bureau projects that job growth for financial advisors is expected to be four times higher than other occupations. And there are financial rewards, with the Bureau reporting that financial planners earn a median salary of $89K.



We have recently made available a fully customizable toolkit for schools, particularly colleges and universities with a financial planning program registered with CFP Board that can be used to attract students into financial planning. The toolkit includes promotional materials that can be co-branded with the school and plugged into existing outreach to current and prospective students, including:

  • Promotional flier outlining the top five benefits of a career in financial planning
  • Promotional poster to place around your school
  • Template articles about the benefits of the financial planning career that you can publish in your school’s newspaper and newsletter
  • Promotional communication to current and prospective students


Eddy Demirovic
Manager of Programs and Operations
CFP Board Center for Financial Planning