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Helping people achieve a brighter financial future is Discover’s mission. Whether it’s helping customers and our employees spend smarter, manage debt better and save more, or teaching the next generation good financial habits, Discover remains committed to providing financial education tools and resources. Discover’s Pathway to Financial Success program is a vital component of this commitment.

Launched in 2012Pathway to Financial Success has helped bring financial education into more than 1,000 public high schools across the country through grants provided to schools to cover the cost of its incorporation into the curriculum. The program’s goal is to ensure that students get the financial education they need to make informed decisions that lead to financial success. Discover understands the challenge that parents and teachers face when it comes to talking to kids about responsible money management. With that in mind, the company put a stake in the ground and made the commitment to help improve financial literacy, one classroom at a time.

In 2017, we evolved our program by offering financial education to schools through Discovery Education, the leading provider of digital content and professional development in K-12 education. Through Pathway to Financial Success in Schools, we are now able to extend our student impact by bringing free financial education to Discovery Education’s global network of schools, teachers and guidance counselors.

The curriculum aims to empower high school students with the tools and information they need to make good financial decisions and achieve their personal goals. Eight units of interactive, standards-aligned materials cover a variety of topics, including using financial services, financing further education, understanding credit options, and growing and protecting your finances. New self-paced modules offer additional flexibility and convenience for teachers and students.  The modules include in-tool assessments that allow students and educators to monitor comprehension and progress within each unit.

The foundation of Discover’s business is rooted in offering the tools, resources and advice that will help people achieve a brighter financial future. The Pathway to Financial Success program continues to have a positive impact, one classroom at a time across the country. Post-program, students are educated and better equipped to make smart financial decisions that will have a direct impact on their future. Moving forward, Discover will continue to search for new ways and avenues to bring this level of financial education to today’s students and the current workforce.


Later this year, we are expanding the program to reach middle school students.  The curriculum will offer the same strength and flexibility of the high school program and be offered to middle schools free of charge.  We believe it is an advantage to learn the basics of personal finance early and wish to provide younger students with this opportunity.


Join us at the 2018 Jump$tart conference this November in Cleveland, where Discover and Discovery Education will host a session to provide educators with best practices on classroom integration of our new financial literacy tools. Lead the way by activating this innovative curriculum in your region.  You may also learn more about the program at and


Pathway to Financial Success