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Financial Beginnings is a national nonprofit that has provided no-cost financial education programming to schools and communities in need since 2005. What started as a local effort to improve financial literacy in area high schools, has grown to include curricula for all grades and ages. Customized curricula meet or exceed state education standards, increasing equitable economic advancement and bolstering communities that value financial education.

Through its numerous partnerships with schools, school districts, colleges and community-based organizations, Financial Beginnings affiliates and trained volunteers deliver financial education to more than 40,000 individuals annually.

We are driven to empower youth and adults alike to take control of their financial futures.

To achieve this goal, we offer educators and community group leaders no-cost financial education programming that spans various age groups and abilities. In Financial Beginnings affiliate states, extensive volunteer networks provide on-the-ground support, delivering programming to classrooms and community groups. All volunteers are trained to effectively teach financial education modules that best align with their background, experience, and knowledge.


Currently, we are seeking individuals interested in launching Financial Beginnings affiliates across the country. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and ask about our regularly scheduled new affiliate interest web conferences.

In addition to our affiliate model, licensing opportunities that we provide help extend our financial education programming to reach more people in need. National services companies, as well as community banks and credit unions, can choose from our established programs or can customize programming to suit their specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Finally, to continue providing financial education programming at no cost to partners and participants, we are seeking national sponsors. National supporters gain exposure within Financial Beginnings’ current markets as well as national publicity. Our limited number of Five Star supporters enjoy exclusive benefits offered in perpetuity! Currently, we have several opportunities for national sponsorship and only a few remaining Five Star support opportunities.

If you are interested in adopting Financial Beginnings programming, visit our website, check out our curricula, and download our materials. If you are interested in having our volunteers instruct your group, contact your local Financial Beginnings affiliate.


  • Four separate, age-appropriate financial education programs – Financial FootingsFinancial FramingsFinancial Foundations, and Pathways – providing topics ranging from distinguishing between needs and wants, to establishing a checking account, to how poor financial decisions can decrease or delay one’s life opportunities. Free educational materials for learners of all ages are available on our curricula download page.
  • Financial education programming for young adults and adults that help empower participants to take control of their financial futures. Curricula assists educators and community-based organizations better serve the individuals and groups with which they work.
  • Licensing of Financial Beginnings programming customized to meet the needs of organizations and groups served. Licensing packages include all participant handouts, presentation slides, presenter guides, and online training for presenters.
  • Opportunity and support to launch a Financial Beginnings affiliate. Matching funds and full-service support are provided to help team leaders build sustainable models that serve the needs of their communities.


Building upon its impactful K-12 curricula, Financial Beginnings now has available two new programs serving (1) postsecondary students and (2) economically vulnerable adults and individuals in transition.

  • SAFE (Student Academy for Financial Empowerment) empowers college students with the habits, mindset, skills, and information to enhance their financial well-being. SAFE combines several workshops with one-on-one coaching to help post-secondary students of all ages gain actionable strategies to reduce debt and address financial barriers to graduating. Five different learning modules help students better manage financial decisions and barriers, including setting goals, understanding income and taxes, building and maintaining strong credit, reviewing insurance needs, and planning for retirement. Recently re-designed to better connect with learners, new SAFE participant materials are now available for download.
  • Forward combines group learning and individualized coaching from trained financial professionals to empower economically vulnerable adults to mitigate debt, establish savings, and increase their financial stability. Focusing on individuals, four separate modules are covered to help adults, (1) Envisioning the Life I Want, (2) Funding the Life I Want, (3) Managing the Life I Want, and (4) Living the life I Want. Recently developed materials, including newly designed activities, are now available for download.


  • Individuals, coalitions, and funders interested in launching a Financial Beginnings affiliate in their state or community. Bi-monthly webinars detailing the initial steps of launching an affiliate are continually made available.
  • Corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions interested in licensing Financial Beginnings curricula.
  • Corporate national sponsors, including a limited number of Five Star Supporters. Generous visibility and marketing benefits are offered in addition to helping make possible the financial education of youth and adults.
  • Donors who share our passion for empowering individuals and communities to take control of their financial futures. Donations can be made through our donation page or mailed directly to our headquarters.



Learn how you can implement effective financial education programming for your organization. @finbeg now licenses its full-suite of programming.


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