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FoolProof is the only resource that immerses kids in the power of healthy skepticism and critical thinking. Our web-driven, turnkey resources were developed by consumer advocates, not marketers.

We teach consumer life skills, not just financial literacy.

And, we’re free! Really!

Good Morning America recently produced a great segment highlighting our new middle school curriculum:

In addition, this year, four major consumer groups hosted a press event at the Newseum endorsing our curriculums making FoolProof the only resource on the Jump$tart Clearinghouse (and in America) endorsed by: The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, The National Association of Consumer Advocates, Public Citizen and The Consumer Federation of America.

Watch this news piece on the Newseum event:


Web-driven, turnkey, engaging resources.

We give teachers and mentors real curriculums that are designed to meet state and national standards!

We give you separate middle and high school curriculums—and you can start using a curriculum in 24 hours.

FoolProof is peer-to-peer. Kids do all the teaching.

All our resources teach habits, not rote skills.

We show young people the importance of skepticism, caution and research when dealing with anyone who wants to impact their money or their welfare.


  1. Our middle school “consumer life skills” curriculum!
    Start your kids with our consumer life skills curriculum and you’ll be teaching them to question anyone who wants to impact their money or their welfare. We call it teaching healthy skepticism. This curriculum helps inoculate kids from impulse buying and unfair marketing techniques. It also helps them understand what is true and what is false on the web, and shows them that ‘credit’ cards should really be called ‘debt’ cards! (FoolProof isn’t a fan of the debt culture pushed on kids by many.)
  2. Our updated FoolProof for high schools curriculum.
    More than 5,000 schools use our high school curriculum now, and kids viewed it more than 45 million times last year. For more information, watch this video:
  3. Our consumer website for adults, 
    If you’re tired of intrusive commercials that make you uneasy and ‘news’ that doesn’t meet the smell test, is worth a visit.

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