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Funding the Future is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with a mission is to teach financial literacy to every student in America! We engage students with a live concert, inspire with the musicians’ personal stories, and encourage critical thinking during a spirited Q&A. They learn how to harness money as a tool to succeed, achieve dreams and change lives.

Our programs are provided at low or no cost to schools based on support from sponsors. Depending on the number of shows, sponsor costs are between $3,500-4,000. For sponsors, we provide a program that attracts media attention and demonstrates community support among teachers, students and parents. For schools, we enhance an existing financial literacy curriculum and give real-world education and examples of how to manage money. Funding the Future delivers information in an uplifting, unique and effective way. Students receive free music downloads for completing learning milestones following the performance. Teachers and parents are given resources to facilitate discussion and further learning.

Learn more about our program from a performance for Collier County, Fla. Public Schools:


  • Financial Literacy with GOODING (Rock and Roll Band)
    Topics addressed: General Financial Literacy, Dangers of Credit Card Debt, Pitfalls of Predatory Lending & Payday Loans, Creating a Financial Savings & Investment Plan, Slow & Steady Wins the Race – Debunking the hype of overnight success. (Press kit.)
  • Financial Literacy with Carter Hulsey (Americana/Rock)
    Topics addressed: General Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurialism, Work Ethic and S.M.A.R.T. goals, The Importance of Your Credit Score, and Creating a Financial Savings & Investment Plan. (Press kit.)
  • Financial Literacy with The Reminders (Hip Hop/Rap)
    Topics addressed: College planning, Athletic and Academic Scholarships, Investing and 529 Plans, Entrepreneurship, S.M.A.R.T. Goals, Dealing with Negative Emotions that Hinder Solutions, Credit Scores, Debunking the Hype of Overnight Success as an Athlete or Musician. (Press kit.)
  • Financial Literacy Workshops with Author and Speaker, Nancy Phillips
    Author and speaker, Nancy Phillips is available for workshops with corporations, charitable organizations, colleges, and middle and high schools in the United States and Canada. She shares powerful insights and action steps with students to help prepare them for a successful life in today’s world. Her print resources are reviewed and accredited by national governing bodies including FINRA and Financial Consumer Agency of Canada. Workshops include:

    • It’s Time: 3 Essential Financial Life Skills You Need Immediately in Today’s World;
    • 5 Things Extraordinarily Successful People Do; and
    • Your Inspired Life: 5 Financial Success Skills to Get There.


Funding the Future is currently booking spring and fall tour shows. Sponsors are needed to support growing demand for programs for schools! If you have questions or would like to sponsor a performance or workshop, please get in touch:

GOODING: We have sponsors looking for three host schools in the Philadelphia area this spring. Currently, these shows are paid for – we just need interested schools to host a show between May 16-18.  In addition, we have just opened booking for the 2018 fall tour between Sept. 10 and Dec. 14.

Carter Hulsey: Carter Hulsey and band are available for booking additional shows between Tennessee and Texas in fall 2018. We are looking for interested schools and sponsors between Sept. 1 and Dec. 14.

The Reminders: We have openings for the Reminders in May and June 2018.  We are putting a tour together in New England between Sept. 1 and Dec. 14.

Nancy Phillips: We are booking the following workshops for middle school through college students.

  • It’s Time: 3 Essential Financial Life Skills You Need Immediately in Today’s World;
  • 5 Things Extraordinarily Successful People Do; and
  • Your Inspired Life

For any available events, interested schools please let us know by filling out the school form, and interested sponsors, fill out the sponsor form.


Funding the Future will receive the Jump$tart Coalition 2018 Innovation Award on April 10 at its Annual Awards Dinner at the JW Marriot Washington, D.C. (Press release.) Jump$tart Coalition has contributed to our growth through meaningful partnerships with educators, schools and other nonprofits. We look forward to working with you, too!


Lynn Hattery