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Hands on Banking® is a free, engaging, highly flexible financial capability program that can be used independently or integrated into existing programs to help people in all stages of life become smarter about money, make informed financial decisions, and achieve their financial goals. Hands on Banking offers a comprehensive suite of financial education articles, courses and tools designed for self-paced or group learning. Since 2003, we have reached nearly 4 million people with our financial education program through classes, workshops and our website. In 2017, more than 1.5 million unique visitors from within the United States and abroad visited our website. As an award-winning, free financial education program, widely used in schools and by non-profits since 2003, Hands on Banking offers:

  • Content available in English and Spanish
  • No commercial content, no product ties
  • Extensive age-specific (children through senior adults) and custom audience (entrepreneurs, military) curriculum
  • Flexible Web-based and traditional instruction delivery channels

Our Vision is to be the relevant and timely resource of choice for educators and individuals in the development of financial capability to successfully navigate life’s financial ups and downs and succeed financially.


We provide relevant and creative content to help improve the financial capability of youth, young adults, adults, entrepreneurs, seniors, veterans and servicemembers.

Hands on Banking can help students address real-life financial situations including budgeting, opening accounts, managing credit, investing, steps to buying a car and starting a small business. There are several resources available to explore these financial topics, including Zing, a friendly and curious green alien that helps students in grades 4-5, or self-paced modules for high school students.

The youth curriculum has been aligned to Common Core State Standards, which includes English language arts and math standards for students in grades 4-12, followed by many of the country’s school districts. Instructor Guides packed with engaging and interactive activities, including worksheets, planning tips, classroom activities, and much more are available online at and

Additionally, we engage thousands of team members in our local communities through our annual participation in the American Bankers Association’s Teach Children to Save and Get Smart about Credit campaigns. In the past five years, 11,000 team members taught 15,000 classes, reaching over 610,000 participants.


Wells Fargo strives to create a world in which all individuals are financially capable and have the knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed financial decisions.  Our commitment to promoting financial capability and helping people to succeed financially is clear. We are interested in sharing our resources with schools, employers, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations that help individuals improve their financial knowledge, skills and confidence.

Contact us at to learn more about Hands on Banking and how we can help you and your school community.