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Lightbulb Press creates educational financial content for kids, students and adults. Our widely recognized signature style combines everyday, straightforward language with imaginative, informative and often humorous graphics. Our goal is to shed light on complex and intimidating subjects, particularly personal finance and investing.

We continually create new content to keep pace with the changing world of personal finance and investing, and to support organizations and educators who are working to make a difference in this area.



Guides and Booklets: Lightbulb guides explain personal finance and investing in a way that helps kids and adults understand, remember, and apply what they’ve learned to their own financial lives.  Colorful and clear, our guides have become a dependable, objective resource for teaching students and young adults the ins and outs of building and leading a secure and successful financial life.  Some of our most popular titles for youth include:

Curricula and Workshops: Our curricula and workshops integrate teachers’ guides and scripts, student workbooks and activities, and supplementary resources with highly graphical slide presentations. We collaborate with organizations to create customized teaching and training materials that are pertinent and relatable to their intended audiences. See the slide presentation Introduction to Investing.

Web Content: Lightbulb builds comprehensive financial education websites that incorporate quizzes, games, calculators, and other interactive features.  We also develop more targeted education resource centers, stand-alone articles on hundreds of financial topics, and online courseware.



Guide to the Military’s Blended Retirement System: This new edition of our guide to the military’s Blended Retirement System is a helpful resource for young people who are enlisting in our armed forces and are automatically enrolled in this retirement program. It explains the key features of the new retirement system, especially the Thrift Savings Plan retirement account and matching contributions from the Department of Defense, in the broader context of smart, proactive retirement planning. The guide can be customized for credit unions, banks, and other organizations that work with the military.

Introduction to Personal Finance Presentation: Lightbulb created The Introduction to Personal Finance workshop for the Toigo Foundation. The workshop, which includes a slide presentation, a speaker’s script, activities, and pre- and post- assessments, supports the Foundation’s mission of creating mechanisms for greater inclusion in the business world, starting in the classroom. Request a sample or learn more about our workshop materials.



Lightbulb guides, which are updated on a regular basis to ensure that they are timely and accurate, provide a wealth of financial education that help kids and young adults start out with the knowledge they’ll need to build a strong financial life. Lightbulb guides that are currently available through the Clearinghouse include:



Mavis Wright, Director of Publishing Services