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Snigglezoo brings educational content to life to promote financial literacy for kids. We want to help children become money-smart and money-empowered by providing parents, teachers and socially conscious businesses with enriching, engaging materials that focus on three real-world, core money-smart skills: distinguishing needs from wants, making smart money choices and saving for goals.



The Art of Allowance

The Art of Allowance is a short, practical guide that helps parents craft an allowance to teach their kids money smarts at any age. John Lanza, creator of The Money Mammals financial education program for children and author of the “Share & Save & Spend Smart” picture book trilogy, leverages more than a decade of experience in the money-smart movement to aid parents in employing an effective allowance program at home. What is more, throughout the book he intersperses “Memos from the Chief Mammal,” exploring the impact of commercialism and money’s role in daily life to provide a broader context for the allowance journey upon which parents and their children are embarking. Parents will also learn how to assign chores, invest and open savings accounts to help themselves and their children navigate the ins and outs of fiscal responsibility.

The Money Mammals

For over a decade, The Money Mammals have been making financial education fun for kids and their families. Joe the Monkey and his friends encourage children to “Share & Save & Spend Smart Too” in video, through song and on the printed page. All of our materials come with free, downloadable teaching and reading guides that are great for use in schools and at home.

We partner with socially conscious businesses that want to stand out from their competition so it’s easier (and more fun!) to attract new customers. Our comprehensive “Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club” youth account program helps financial institutions reach families and schools in their communities. With our live shows, creative services team and online catalog of wonderful customized products, we help our partners develop a youth marketing and education plan that helps kids build smart money habits from a very early age.

Additionally, our entertaining and educational suite of products for children includes financial literacy apps, online games, award-winning picture books and videos. We also provide online content and products, like our recently updated Family Pack, to help educate parents about how they can raise money-smart kids.



Our “Saving Money Is Fun Kids Club” youth account program is now available for not only credit unions but also community banks. We are always looking for a socially conscious business with which to partner to spread The Money Mammals’ money-smart movement.

Additionally, our Teaching Kit includes all the essentials you need to teach kids to “Share & Save & Spend Smart Too,” such as our award-winning DVD, our Joe the Monkey Saves for a Goal picture book and a curriculum manual that contains lessons and activities. If you are an administrator or educator interested in introducing financial literacy to your students, then we encourage you to check out this valuable resource.



The Art of Allowance Podcast

This podcast, a natural extension of its namesake book, is an opportunity for author John Lanza to continue the allowance conversation with an array of guests — parents, youth financial experts and sometimes both — in a format conducive to teasing out concepts that parents will find useful as they craft their own Art of Allowance programs. Through this less formal medium, Lanza hopes to continue serving as a guide for parents, guardians and industry professionals as they discover interesting and insightful ideas that will help the children in their lives become money-smart and money-empowered.





Erin Prim