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Moonjar was established in 2002 with the mission to inspire the incorporation of financial know-how, budgeting and goal setting in everyday family life. Eulalie Scandiuzzi is the founder and owner. Together with Mary Karges and Tatum Kerr the team put Moonjar Moneyboxes into more than a million hands and inspired millions more along the way.


  • Fully Customized Standard Moonjar Moneyboxes: Our foldable three-part teaching bank is available to fully design in order to reach your specific community with your specific language. We offer several other levels of customization as well because you know best how your community will be most inspired.
  • Tin Classic Moonjars: Our tin version of the Moonjars are our retail product. They also can be customized. These moneyboxes are multiple award winners. Each bank comes with a family guide and passbook so the conversation can be led and the money can be tracked. All these tools help to create lasting habits.
  • Classroom Kits: With our classroom kits, each student gets a Standard Moonjar, and the teacher keeps a Classic Moonjar in the classroom as a reminder to the students. The kit also includes CONVERSATION to GO-The Game That Talks Money. It is a box of 100 conversation starters that can be used as writing prompts or discussion starters to help everybody appreciate that the value of money is determined by personal goals rather than outside forces. The leader’s lesson plan also teaches wants vs. needs, delayed gratification and simple budgeting.


  • Our Reach is Growing: We are excited to be working several distributors and Youth advocated overseas. Our Moonjars are an integral part of the Fil’s Planet program in Dubai and later this month The Penney Appeal will be rolling out their own Moonjar program. We are excited to expand our reach both nationally and internationally through financial institutions, nonprofits and education centers.
  • Moonjars for Adults: The Moonjars have been proven as tools to help corporate environments to celebrate employee giving. Fully customized Moonjars help companies tell employees’ stories and how giving back is an important piece of adult personal finance.

WHAT WE NEED                                                  

We need you to spread the word about what we can offer. It is through communities like this that we have gained the exposure we celebrate now.


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Mary Ryan Karges