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Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to revolutionize the teaching of personal finance in all schools and to improve the financial lives of the next generation of Americans. Founded in 2014, more than 15,000 educators serving over a million students already rely on NGPF’s comprehensive website as their “one-stop” source for personal finance resources and professional development. All content and services provided by NGPF are delivered at NO COST to you.


  • Summer PD Offerings: FinCamp PLUS!: Looking for engaging professional development options this summer? Join us for a three-day FinCamp PLUS in a state near you to collaborate with other passionate, innovative, and enthusiastic educators who are bringing the very best in personal finance education to their students every day.
  • New Game: Shady Sam: NGPF partnered with McKinney (creators of the award-winning games Spent, PAYBACK and STAX) to create Shady Sam, a simulation where students play the role of a lender who has to decide which loan to offer borrowers to maximize their PROFITS!This new addition to NGPF’s Interactive Library includes a worksheet that covers the key takeaways of the simulation and gets students to reflect on their experience of being a loan shark.Your students will learn the “tricks” of the loan trade including:

    – How low monthly payments over longer loan periods make for big profits for lenders
    – How payday loans often lead to a vicious cycle of borrowing
    – How the low teaser rates in adjustable rate mortgages can come back to haunt borrowers

  • Updated Tax Resources!: With the new calendar year comes the new tax policy as well. We’ve updated our Taxes Unit and resources so that you can bring up-to-date resources to your students this tax season.


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