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The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. (SFE&PD), a nonprofit leader in the financial education field, teaches customized financial literacy programs and provides professional development opportunities for educators nationwide. Universities, colleges, churches, government agencies and communities across the United States have benefitted from our education training programs since 1998. SFE&PD has a special focus on educational outreach to underserved populations and first-generation college students.



“Financial Literacy Applications” is the theme of this fall’s 12th Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference, which will be held October 7-8 in Arlington, VA at the Crystal Gateway Marriott. Experts, top government officials and leading educators will present insights on how financial literacy is being successfully applied in programs for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Sessions will feature high-profile policymakers with specialized financial literacy expertise. Workshops will be led by financial educators, researchers and financial practitioners who will share strategies to improve the financial well-being of individuals and communities.  We will dive into topics such as: Financial Literacy and Technology, Multimedia Financial Literacy Applications, Financial Literacy and Global Perspectives, Financial Coaching, Community Banking and Financial Literacy, Innovative Native American Financial Education Programs, Infusion of Financial Literacy in Faith-Based organizations, Financial Missteps and much more. Register today at


In 2017, SFE&PD started an innovative SFE&PD Student Ambassador Program to train college students to teach their peers about financial matters. The program specifically targets students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), many of whom are first-generation learners. SFE&PD trains the Student Ambassadors in personal finance concepts to enable them to lead and teach engaging financial classes to fellow students. Student Ambassadors, with the help of Faculty Oversight Professors, run fun programs to reach their peers on campus. For example, during April’s Financial Literacy Month, our Ambassadors conducted Financial Jeopardy Game nights to teach fellow students about important economic concepts. Credit management, student loans, budgeting, saving and investing, and financial goal setting are among the subjects covered in the student-led workshops.

In the two years since the Student Ambassador Program began, we have expanded our efforts to 14 colleges and universities with many requests from other schools. If you would like to support this mission and sponsor Student Ambassadors at a college or university, please email us at or call us at 703.920.3807.