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The Take Charge Today  (TCT) program is a free, downloadable, ready-to-teach financial education curriculum for 7th- through 12th-grade classrooms. Take Charge Today’s materials are written and continuously updated “by educators … for educators.” In addition to an activity-based curriculum, we offer professional development including educator trainings.


  • We moved to the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Arizona. This move comes with several new opportunities for teachers including a dual enrollment high school course and summer teacher graduate courses with scholarships available (see additional offerings).
  • Three new lessons have been developed to teach the concept of investing. In addition to The Fundamentals of Investing, we now offer Investing with Lawn Boy (the trade book by Gary Paulsen) in the Introductory curriculum, and in our Advanced Level curriculum we’ve added Let’s Talk Stocks, and Researching Stocks: An Investment Portfolio Simulation assessment.


  • Ethics, Economy & Entrepreneurship: In our new department, TCT is now connected with a dual enrollment high school course that teachers can offer on their own campus: “Ethics, Economy and Entrepreneurship (EEE)”.  Scholarships are available for high school students taking this class who wish to receive dual enrollment credit. We are currently working with UofA professors in an update of this textbook to include more personal finance content.
  • Teacher Summer Graduate Courses: Teachers interested in teaching the EEE course may come to Tucson in Summer 2019 to complete graduate coursework. You can even work towards a teacher certification by taking several courses we offer each summer at the University of Arizona. Scholarships for teachers are available! Visit for more information about EEE and the summer courses.




Did you know Take Charge Today offers #teachers real-world performance tasks to assess learning? Students can experience paying taxes, buying a car, finding an apartment, investing in stocks and more! Check them out at #FinLit #FinEd #AFinLitFuture


Tiffany Kiramidjian