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Founded in Working in Support of Education (W!se), is a leading national educational nonprofit with a mission to improve the lives of people through programs that develop financial literacy and readiness for college and the workforce. Based in New York City, our initiatives transform the lives of Americans in 48 states and the District of Columbia. We are spearheading a national effort to empower people, especially the underserved, to lead lives of financial well-being, succeed in college and excel in an increasingly competitive global workplace.

Separately, W!se also manages the New York Financial Literacy Coalition, the New York State affiliate for the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy and is a national Jump$tart partner.


At the heart of our offerings is a family of financial education initiatives, comprising the Financial Literacy Certification for high school students, the Certification in Personal Finance for educators, and MoneyW!SE for survivors of domestic violence. These programs differ in scope and target audience, but all share a common thread – the administration of our standardized assessment of personal finance knowledge and a certification for those who master the subject matter.

Financial Literacy Certification

W!se’s Financial Literacy Certification program helps high school students become financially literate before entering college or the workforce. Schools participating in the program teach personal finance during school hours and then administer our national standardized Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students passing the Certification Test become Certified Financially Literate (CFL™). This certification, approved by state departments of education, demonstrates that students have acquired the knowledge and skills to manage their money, paving the way for a life of financial wellbeing. To support instruction, we provide professional development, a curriculum, access to online lesson plans and practice questions, a Pretest and other instructional resources. In addition, we measure the impact of instruction on students’ financial behavior – the essential barometer of financial capability.

Teachers and schools are recognized and honored based on student performance on the Test, the highest accolade being the 100 Best W!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance, the only ranking of its kind in the United States.

WHAT WE NEED                                                  

We are looking to build awareness about our initiatives and expand the reach and distribution of our programs.


On Friday, June 8, W!se hosted its annual Scholars Reception to honor high school students who earned 95 percent or higher on W!se’s 2017-18 Certification Test. Students received W!se’s National Scholars Pin for their outstanding achievement and those who earned a perfect 100 percent score on the Test received the “Centurion’s Honor Cord.” Scholars are eligible to apply for our Financial Literacy Ambassador Award, sponsored by FLO Mentors. Five winning students will each earn a $2,000 monetary award.


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