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By Kirby Williams, Publishing Director & President of Advantage Publications

Advantage Publications is a Boston area based publisher of interactive financial slide calculators and other media. Our mission is to increase financial literacy and readiness, empower positive economic choices and to encourage thoughtful financial behavior.

Advantage slide calculators simplify tough financial concepts and offer the opportunity to simulate real life financial situations, to easily change variables and to immediately visualize how ones choices can create high impact financial results. Our hand held slide calculators give the user an easy to understand and interactive learning experience that can be brought home from the classroom and used by parents and peers.

Since 1978, our informative, motivating, and user-friendly calculators have supported thousands of programs and benefited millions of people in financial education, readiness, and communication programs. Advantage is headed up by Kirby Williams, who purchased the company in 2019 after 11 years with the company. We are proud to be a woman-owned and woman-led business.


What We Offer

Advantage’s goal with each calculator is to inspire action in relation to ones’ discretionary spending, savings, student loan or credit card debt decisions that lead to lasting behavior changes.

Our hand held slide calculator titles Credit Card Smarts™The Paycheck Power® Booster®, Why Save for Retirement, and Student Loan Smarts™ are available in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse.

Our Digital Calculator: Advantage’s first online slide calculator, The Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator, launched in August 2020.  Available for purchase on a yearly subscription basis, the “virtual slide calculator” shows how a reduction in spending on discretionary items such as magazines and soda add up to large savings over periods of 1, 5, 10 and 20 years. The digital calculator can be personalized with a school or sponsor organization logo, contact information, and message. The Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator is also available in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse, with a discount for K-12 teachers!

Additional hand held calculator titles can be found and purchased on our website, All of these products can be personalized with a logo, message, and contact information. We encourage visitors to our website to select free samples, as we believe that our product is best reviewed by trying it out. 

Find us in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse!


What’s New

This fall, Advantage updated the “Paycheck Power® Booster®” slide calculator (also known as “Where to Find the Money You Need” with the assistance of many customers and reviewers, including a high school business teacher from New Hampshire. Users will notice that the “Common Purchases and Typical Retail Prices” section of the calculator now includes phone apps, Netflix and digital news and that the typical prices for these items are much more in line with today’s costs. As this portion of the calculator is often used as a jumping off point to figuring out which small purchases add up over time (and could be reduced or eliminated to increase one’s savings,) we are excited to offer a better product that makes it even easier to find opportunities for saving.

In October 2021, Advantage Publications products became available for purchase in our new online shop. Visitors may also select free samples and demo The Visit our website here.

We are happy to send free review samples of our financial education products! Select them here!

Connect With Advantage Publications

Visit our website here.

The Advantage website now features an online shop.

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Fun fact: In August of 2020, Advantage President and Publishing Director Kirby Williams was featured in the “Sammy Spotlight,” written by Sam Renick, children’s Author and Co-Creator of Sammy Rabbit.

Kirby Williams,
Publishing Director & President
800-323-6809 or 617-742-3222
Cell: 413-522-5491
Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator.


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