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By Kirby Williams, Publishing Director and President

Advantage Publications is a Boston area based publisher of interactive hand-held financial slide calculators. Our mission is to increase financial literacy and readiness, empower positive economic choices and to encourage thoughtful financial behavior.

Advantage slide calculators allow the user to see the impact of one simple financial choice: be it adding a certain amount of extra money to a retirement account each week or spending $5.00 a day for coffee—over time, it all adds up.

All of Advantage slide calculators are available personalized with an organization logo and contact information. 


Moving Financial Literacy Forward

Since 1978, our informative, motivating, and user-friendly calculators have supported thousands of programs and benefited millions of people. Advantage calculators have been distributed in financial education, readiness, and communication programs run by organizations such as the FDIC, the Social Security Administration, CalPERS, USDA NIFA and all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.


What’s New

Brand new to the Advantage website are Classroom Presentation Sets in three titles.  Each Classroom Presentation Set includes one 20 inch tall working slide calculator for display, classroom and presentation use and 25 standard sized slide calculators for students. We offer add-on options to personalize both the large calculator and standard size calculator with a logo and if needed, to add additional standard sized calculators for large groups. In 2020, as financial education went virtual, the Advantage team developed the first online slide calculator, The Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator. Meant to replicate the experience of holding one of our cardboard calculators and pulling the slide to change the numbers, The Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator is an easy to use, eye-opening resource for remote education and financial counseling. The Digital Paycheck Power® Booster® Calculator is currently available at no cost in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse or by using this link.

 Yearly subscriptions to the calculator are available for purchase if one wants a digital version personalized with their organization logo and contact information to post on their website, on socialmedia, or to insert into their digital curriculum.

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We believe our product is best reviewed by educators when they can try it for themselves. We encourage you to request free samples here.

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While the first month of the new year is coming to a close and your new or renewed commitments are now in full swing; Jump$tart is honoring it’s continued commitment to “move financial literacy forward.” Jump$tart is honoring its mission and vision to create financially literate futures for our nation’s youth.

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