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By Rhonda Ashburn, Executive Director, AFSA

The mission of the AFSA Education Foundation is to educate consumers on personal finance concepts and help them realize the benefits of responsible money management while also gaining a better understanding of the credit process. The Foundation offers educators and others access to a wide breadth of personal finance teaching tools, including the free, customizable, web-based personal finance curriculum, MoneySKILL. To get the word out on the importance of personal finance, AFSA Education Foundation staff delivers workshops and also offers leadership and management programs for employees at financial services companies.

  • MoneySKILL: With 1.3 million users and rising completion rates, MoneySKILL offers high quality, custom personal finance courses geared toward middle school, high school, and college students and focuses on a broad range of money management fundamentals. It can be used as a standalone personal finance course or included as part of a course in economics, business, math, family and consumer sciences, or wherever personal finance is taught. In addition to being completely free for schools and nonprofit organizations, MoneySKILL is offered in English and Spanish, contains audio dictation options, and aligns with nationally recognized K-12 personal finance standards.
  • Free Digital Financial Education Resources: To complement MoneySKILL, the AFSA Education Foundation provides supplemental personal finance class activities, brochures, reports, worksheets, videos, teaching guides, and more at
  • Workshops and Training: The AFSA Education Foundation frequently delivers MoneySKILL and personal finance education workshops to educator groups – both in-person and virtually – reaching thousands of educators annually. If your school or organization has a need for presenters or conference exhibitors focused on financial education, we encourage you to contact us at
  • Community Engagement Opportunities: We approach financial education as a collaborative effort and invite you to help us spread the word about the value of financial education and MoneySKILL. Check out our MoneySKILL Ambassador Toolkit (here) to access resources and templates for you to do your own community outreach.

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This year the AFSA Education Foundation is celebrating 20 years of MoneySKILL helping educators and students. It is constantly growing its impact with usage in 50% of the US counties. A major update earlier this year focused on streamlining content, updating real life scenarios, and ensuring up-to-date financial data and statistics. In addition, 37 new videos have been added to introduce modules and professional audio transcriptions were completed. A new animated MoneySKILL video provides an overview of offerings.

Recent research on the impact of the MoneySKILL curriculum from a knowledge and behavior perspective shows more than 90% of MoneySKILL students see improvements in financial knowledge and an average knowledge gain of 60% when comparing pre- and post-test exams. Increased usage of MoneySKILL in middle schools increases the likelihood a student will have a banking account in high school and the adoption of MoneySKILL in high schools is shown to increase a school’s total FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) applications, indicating more students are taking advantage of lower-cost college financing options. To learn more about the research, check out our infographic here.

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Rhonda Ashburn
Executive Director
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  • Happy Financial Literacy Month! The time is now to talk, to teach, and to reach as many people as we can with the mission and vision of financial education for all. We have created a toolkit with graphics and sample messaging to share with your audiences. We will release a new graphic and message each week of April. Please download and post to your platforms!

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