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Who We Are

Budget Challenge is committed to creating an effective and engaging learning experience, instilling in students the skills, habits, and knowledge they’ll need to be financially capable young adults.

Budget Challenge’s patented technology places students in control of the budget of an independent young adult where they learn by doing. It is literally the difference between a driver’s education textbook and a driver’s education textbook with 10 weeks of daily practice, on the road, in a vehicle.


What We Offer

Budget Challenge includes a comprehensive 16-week curriculum, multi-modal assessments, live Help Desk for teachers AND students, budgeting tools, and our award-winning 10-week real-time simulation.  It is not surprising that the Institute for Financial Literacy Education awarded  Budget Challenge the 2020 EIFLE Award for ‘Program of the Year’. Our program is 100% online, requires no student personally identifiable information and has a mobile app. It is ideal for in class, blended, or full remote instruction.

Here is an overview in less than 2 minutes.

The simulation gives students a chance to earn a trophy for each of the 6 most important skills that challenge adults.


What’s New

For the start of the spring semester, Budget Challenge will launch:

  • An upgraded Mobile App specially designed for students to pay bills on the go
  • Full Textbook (digital and paperback)
  • Live Investing where students can manage their 401(k) just like adults do.  This will include market price updates every 15 minutes, the ability to trade mutual funds, and 3 more trophies!

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