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By CSD Learns Team

CSD Learns is a subsidiary of Communication Service for the Deaf, which focuses on creating and sharing educational resources for the deaf and hard of hearing community. CSD Learns believes in the power of mentoring and role models with meaningful representation for the future generations of deaf and hard hearing youth. The materials created focus on making educational concepts such as financial education accessible in American Sign Language.

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With millions of individuals with hearing loss throughout the United States, accessibility is important to prioritize when creating resources. Among the people with disabilities population, there is a community of individuals that utilizes American Sign Language (ASL) primarily to communicate. There are also many other accessibility needs that a deaf and hard of hearing person may require. Unfortunately, financial resources that are accessible continue to be difficult to find.

“One important thing CSD Learns is passionate about is sharing financial knowledge and resources with our deaf and hard of hearing learning community for self-empowerment and to advocate for their own financial security. By providing access, we are closing the equity gap in financial education that was afforded to their hearing counterparts.”
-Dr. Christina Hopewell-Albert, CSD Learns Director

There is a community of educators that work with deaf and hard of hearing students who are often seeking resources for their classrooms. CSD Learns has been successful in growing partnerships to create resources. We have hosted webinars for educators and virtual online experiences for students to learn about financial concepts and met with deaf/hard of hearing financial experts as role models in the field. We have a variety of free teacher’s toolkits and self-paced courses that can be utilized as teaching materials and independent work for students. It can also be utilized by deaf and hard of hearing adult learners in the community!

CSD Learns has partnered with National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) to spread information through American Sign Language about the benefits of ABLE accounts in the deaf and hard of hearing communities. What is ABLE?, you may wonder. ABLE stands for ‘Achieving a Better Life Experience”; It is a tax-free savings plan for disabled individuals.

We are also continuing our partnership with Wells Fargo Foundation in providing a virtual online experience for deaf and hard of hearing middle and high school students later this year.

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